Total Seal Piston Rings Forms Alliance with Piston Manufacturer

Total Seal Piston Rings Forms Alliance with Piston Manufacturer | THE SHOPTotal Seal Piston Rings has formed a new alliance with Diamond, JE and Wiseco Pistons, the company has revealed.

Total Seal Piston Rings, including its AP steel rings and M2 tool steel ring sets, are now available as an upgrade option on any JE, Wiseco or Diamond Piston. These three performance piston brands are all part of the Race Winning Brands company, which also includes Dart, MGP, K1, Trend, X2 and Boostline.

While the option of Total Seal rings has been available as a special-order option, the new partnership aims to make it easier to add Total Seal’s products to an order.

“This new alliance represents a win for our customers,” said Bob Bruegging, president of Race Winning Brands. “Providing performance options to our customers reflects the mission of Race Winning Brands and adding Total Seal Piston Rings provides our customers with a premium performance option without added hassle or handling costs.”

Matt Hartford, CEO and president of Total Seal, commented, “Our new alliance with these three leading piston manufacturers will allow both consumers and engine builders to upgrade to the finest rings in the industry through their ordering process. We look forward to a mutually successful relationship.”

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