TLC4x4 Unveils 1985 Land Cruiser Restoration

The FJ60 has lived with the current owner for over 20 years & was ready for a refresh...

TLC4x4 (TLC) unveiled a meticulously restored 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser. Imbued with decades of rich history and years of reliable use, the FJ’s journey and unique story makes for an intriguing addition to TLC4X4’s portfolio.

“This client is an avid fisherman who has owned this truck for more than 20 years. Outside of a small restoration in the 1990s, the vehicle has largely been unaltered, but naturally, it’s starting to show its age. The truck lives up in the Northeast on a beach and its seen a lot of inclement weather and the salty beach air has taken its toll,” comments TLC4x4 Owner Daniel Valjevac. “When got the truck we had to do a lot of rust repair. Once we stripped the body down to the bare metal. Our team ended up cutting the whole roof skin and completely grafting a new one to take its place. In the end, we built a custom, factory-feeling interior and installed a new LS3 Connect & Cruise. Now, this FJ60 looks and feels like the original, but has the modern reliability to perform consistently.”

TLC4x4 Unveils 1985 Land Cruiser Restoration | THE SHOP

The exterior of the truck adorns a Toyota 147 Silver colorway, skillfully finished with Axalta Cromax XP. Keeping the FJ60 as close to period-correct as possible, TLC4X4 kept the vehicle’s original bumpers, grill, emblems, vents, and mirrors. The only major upgrade to this FJ60 was modern LED light upgrades for enhanced visibility. The factory wheels underwent re-chroming, and rugged 33 inch BFG All-Terrain tires were installed. Given the client’s frequent use of his truck for fishing trips, it was only logical for TLC4X4 to equip the FJ60 with a trailer hitch.

Underpinning this formidable driving machine is a sturdy Toyota factory frame chassis that was stripped down and powder coated to provide a dependable foundation. Beneath the hood lies a stout LS3 Crate Engine mated to an NV4500 5-speed manual transmission that easily connects to the original FJ60 transfer case. To ensure optimal stopping power, DBA rotors and pads are fitted to both the front and rear axles. OME Springs and Fox Racing Shocks were also incorporated to create a harmonious balance between comfort and control on any terrain. Enhancing the modern features of this truck is a complete stainless steel 3″ exhaust system that implements Magnaflow mufflers.

TLC4X4 laid the groundwork for the interior by first applying a layer of Dynamat Extreme, followed by Dynoliner, ensuring optimal insulation and soundproofing within the vehicle. With this solid foundation in place, TLC4X4 then addressed the cracked dashboard and integrated their gauges. The steering wheel was meticulously wrapped with leather, featuring intricate hand-stitched details, and the center console underwent a subtle rejuvenation, receiving a new dye job and special 3D-printed cup holders.

TLC4x4 Unveils 1985 Land Cruiser Restoration | THE SHOP

The front seats were replaced with premium leather-upgraded TLC4X4 factory seats, while the rear seats underwent a comprehensive revitalization process involving sandblasting, powder coating, and the addition of new foam and tailored covers, all crafted in leather. Utilizing sumptuous Moore & Giles leather and incorporating chic Chilewich fabric inserts into the panels, TLC4X4 adeptly captured the essence of the FJ60. TLC4X4 chose to equip the FJ60 with a JVC head unit, expertly blending vintage charm with modern convenience by offering features such as Bluetooth connectivity. To elevate the auditory experience, TLC4X4 selected premium Kicker KS Series speakers accompanied by a powerful subwoofer to guarantee unparalleled sound quality.

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