Tinting Chicago Releases Nationwide Dream Vehicle Survey

The study helps shops better understand the average American car buyer & current vehicle trends…

Luxury cars are still an aspiration for many.

Tinting Chicago recently revealed a vehicle survey of more than 2,000 Americans. The survey asked respondents about high-status cars, status symbols and dream cars, and was designed to provide insight into which brands impress drivers most.

Regarding high-status cars, German luxury automobile manufacturer Porsche was the most listed brand across the nation. Other commonly listed brands considered high-status were BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

The top non-luxury car brands Americans consider high-status are Acura, Volvo and Jeep.

Key takeaways:

  • Ford, Toyota and Tesla are the top makes of Americans’ dream cars.
  • More than a quarter drive more cautiously around high-status vehicles.
  • Almost a third judge people for driving a high-status car.
  • According to 41%, electric vehicles aren’t typically high-status.

Tinting Chicago also asked people what status symbol car they most commonly see in their area, and the top car makes were Tesla, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. While the majority of the cars on the top-10 list were of luxury make, non-luxury cars also qualified. Both Ford and Toyota are considered to be a status symbol in enough areas of the country to make the list.

Tinting Chicago Releases Nationwide Dream Vehicle Survey | THE SHOP

Tinting Chicago discovered that the top car makers of Americans’ dream cars are Ford, Toyota and Tesla. This list shows that when given the opportunity to splurge on a luxury vehicle, most Americans dream of having a more affordable brand.

The company also analyzed what dream car was most popular in each state. While some states do dream about luxury makes like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Tesla, others dream about simpler brands. While Ford and Toyota make all different types of vehicles, their trucks, like the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra, are popular for those who live in areas where farming, ranching and other occupations are the norm.

Read more from the study here.

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