Thinkware Dash Cams Authorized by Ford Accessory Program

Two Thinkware dash cam models have been included as part of a bundle offered by EchoMaster and certified for Ford Motor Co.’s authorized accessory program. These bundles are now available at Ford dealerships.

The bundle expands Thinkware’s growing North American footprint where its products are found in 12-volt stores, according to the company.

“Thinkware expects this footprint to continue to grow as its U.S. distribution partner, AAMP Global, continues to drive sales through its well-established partnerships,” the company stted in a news release.

This news is part of South Korean-based Thinkware’s global growth strategy, which included launching the Thinkware Dash Cam brand in North America in 2013.

“Our collaboration with Thinkware helps us continue to develop our partnerships with OES and OEM,” said Scott Forst, AAMP Global’s president of the Americas, “We are looking forward to helping Thinkware penetrate the North America market with dash cam solutions.”

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