Thermo-Tec to Sponsor Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League

When Lucas Oil tractor pull competitors turn up the heat this summer, Thermo-Tec will be there, thanks to a new sponsorship.

Thermo-Tec, provider of heat and sound control solutions for the performance industry, is an official contingency sponsor for the 2019 season of the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.

“What better place to prove the abilities of our insulation and heat protection products than on the track with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League,” said Nick Helms of Thermo-Tec. “From our Rogue Series of basalt heat insulation products to our exhaust wraps, heat shields, coatings and more, our products are designed to control and harness heat.”

The Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League is a national series with a Champions Tour that visits North Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York. It also runs Silver Series, Western Series and Midwest Region competitions.

As part of the sponsorship, Thermo-Tec will provide financial support for the Limited Pro Diesel Trucks, Pro Stock Diesel Trucks, Super Stock Diesel Trucks and Pro Street Diesel Trucks (Western Series) classes.

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