Thermo-Tec Launches New Website

Thermo-Tec Automotive has revamped and launched a new website to modernize its online presence, the company announced. The updates feature a new rotating banner, product categories on the home page and updated images and videos, as well as a new layout to browse products.

The new website still has its eCommerce features, allowing visitors to continue purchasing Thermo-Tec products directly from the manufacturer. Lissa Philpott, Thermo-Tec’s sales manager, states, “I love the new look. It’s very neat and clean. The checkout is a little more user-friendly, the process is a bit smoother than the old site.”

New, short intro videos were produced in-house just before SEMA in 2020. “We’ve added introduction videos to many products”, says Randy Pugh, Thermo-Tec’s marketing coordinator. “The videos allow the visitor to get a better idea of the products, much more than just a photo.”

Chrissy Gilmore, Thermo-Tec’s CEO, adds, “Updating our website has been in the works for quite some time and I am very excited to see it finally launched. The new site combines a sharper image with a much easier-to-navigate platform for our customers. It is packed full of content, and thanks to Randy, amazing photos have been added to show the true detail of our products.”

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