The AAM Group Finalizes New Partnership with Engine Parts Group

The AAM Group Finalizes New Partnership with Engine Parts Group | THE SHOPThe AAM Group and Engine Parts Group formally finalized its new partnership by signing the final contract in the EPGI booth at the recently concluded PRI trade show, the company announced.

Signed by the organizations’ respective presidents, AAM Group’s Tim Odom and EPGI’s Jesse Jones, the contract authorizes AAM to assume operations and management responsibilities for the Engine Pro marketing program, as well as operational oversight for the Engine Parts Group corporation, the group said. National Performance Warehouse President and CEO Larry Pacey, who serves on the board of directors of both organizations, witnessed the signing, the companies said.

“With its focus on engine parts and machine shops, Engine Pro will bring exciting new dimension to the AAM portfolio,” the AAM Group said in a statement announcing the finalized contract. “Functioning as a distribution network for brand name internal engine parts and a specialty engine parts producer under the Engine Pro name, Engine Parts Group serves thousands of customers from nearly 100 distribution centers across three continents.”

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