The 43 Institute & eBay Motors Auction Ken Block Memorabilia

April 3, or 4/3 day, celebrates the late rally driver's legacy...

The 43 Institute and eBay Motors have partnered for a special auction to honor the legacy of rally driver Ken Block. The auction, as reported by Road & Track, will take place April 3-13 on eBay Motors.

The 43 Institute serves to provide paths of opportunity into the racing world for those who may not have the proper support systems to do so. The 43 Institute revolves around four main pillars: Mentorship Pathways, Creating Access, Skill Development and Improving Mental & Physical Health. 

April 3 marks 4/3 day, a chance for friends and fans of the driver to remember Ken and celebrate his legacy within the motorsport world. 

Read the full report from Road & Track here.

Find the full eBay Motors auction here.

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