TechForce Foundation Launches Tech Talks Survey

The survey is designed to better understand GenZ automotive technicians & the future workforce...

TechForce Foundation has launched its Techs Talk survey, designed to uncover insights into the perspectives, values, and experiences of aspiring technician students and new working technicians. The results of this study will enable industry, schools, and employers to adapt strategies to meet the evolving needs and desires of this workforce.

“Most technician surveys in the marketplace are heavily skewed by responses from GenX and Boomers. TechForce Foundation wants to specifically gather insights from GenZ future techs and new working techs within their first two years of employment. This gives us better data in building the workforce going forward, and knowledge to address the crippling technician shortage,” says Jennifer Maher, CEO of TechForce Foundation.

TechForce Foundation Launches Tech Talks Survey | THE SHOP

The national demand for top-tier technicians has created three job openings for every tech school graduate today. Despite the opportunity, many young people hesitate to commit to technician careers or quit being a tech after just two years of employment. “We hear anecdotal reasons ranging from the cost of training and tools, a desire for certain compensation or work/life balance, to stigmas or lack of clarity involving the career path. It’s time we have solid data as to what this aspiring workforce truly wants and needs.”

TechForce encourages all working technicians within their first two years of employment and all high school and post-secondary students enrolled in automotive, aviation, collision, diesel, restoration, welding, and other related programs to take the survey and let their voices be heard.

The survey, hosted by TechForce Foundation in partnership with Endeavor Business Intelligence, an independent market research firm, is designed to collect both quantitative and qualitative latitudinal data. 

TechForce Foundation Launches Tech Talks Survey | THE SHOPThe survey is anonymous so that participants are free to be transparent when sharing their voices. Results will be shared publicly, when available.

To take the survey, visit or scan the QR code.

Since 2017, TechForce has published its annual Technician Supply & Demand Report, analyzing education and employment trends in the automotive, collision repair, diesel, and aviation sectors. TechForce has also released a Women Techs Report summarizing tips on attracting and retaining women techs gathered from conversations with hundreds of women technicians.

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