TechForce Foundation, America’s Automotive Trust to Share CEO, Form Strategic Alliance

TechForce Foundation and America’s Automotive Trust have announced they will share a CEO and form a strategic alliance.

TechForce Foundation and America’s Automotive Trust have announced a new strategic alliance that unites the organizations under the leadership of one CEO. The new alliance focuses on programming that celebrates the past, present and future of mobility and inspires future generations of students to consider a career path in automotive technology.

“The alliance between America’s Automotive Trust and TechForce underscores both organizations’ commitment to being as efficient as possible while making the largest contribution we can in furthering our respective goals, said Warren DeBardelaben, chairman of TechForce Foundation. “Bringing these two groups together leads to a stronger collaborative impact on the auto industry, the culture and celebration of the car culture – and to our collective ability to provide career paths in the automotive, diesel, motorcycle, marine, motorsports and restoration industry.”

“Working synergistically allows both of our organizations to make a greater impact on the automotive industry as a whole, whether that’s new or vintage automobiles,” said Corry McFarland, chairman of America’s Automotive Trust.

Chairmen DeBardelaben and McFarland announced the strategic alliance, naming nonprofit management veteran Jennifer Maher as the CEO of the entities.

“The strategic alliance is designed to achieve three primary objectives – unite complimentary goals under a single unified vision, streamline cost efficiencies, and concentrate those efficiencies on providing a greater impact on the missions set forth by TechForce and America’s Automotive Trust,” said Maher. “I’m both honored and excited to be leading this innovative collaboration.”

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