Study Reveals the Most Commonly Searched Car Questions on Google

GoogleIt is projected that more than 227 million people in the USA are licensed drivers. That’s a lot of people that should know a thing or two about cars.

However, new research by private reg company has found that, unsurprisingly, many people in the U.S. rely on the power of a Google search to provide them with the answers they need when it comes to the day-to-day running and care of their vehicles.

To achieve the data, inputted “how to” and selected “car” in the keyword analytics section of online visibility and marketing tool SEM Rush. found the number one motor vehicle query Americans ask Google is “how to jump a car”‘ In fact, 90,500 people in America type this query into the Google search bar every month.

Formalities such as “how to buy a car” (9,900), “how to sell a car” (8,100) and “how to lease a car” (6,600) are common searches, too.

It seems many Americans want to know more about the mechanics of their motor vehicles, with 8,100 people turning to the search bar to find out “how to change a car battery” and “how to hotwire a car” each month.

Aesthetic queries like “how to clean car seats” (8,100), “how to paint a car” (6,600) and “how to remove scratches from a car” (6,600) also rank highly.

It was found 6,600 Americans a month ask Google “how to have sex in a car” as well.

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