Study Examines Top Automotive Influencers on TikTok

Study Examines Top Automotive Influencers on TikTok | THE SHOPWith car influencers rising in popularity on TikTok, investigated which “carfluencers” are earning the most per post on the app.

This research is part of a larger study into 25 car influencers and their potential earnings on TikTok.

Surprisingly, in this traditionally male-dominated field, a female takes the lead as the highest-earning car influencer on TikTok, the researchers said. Supercar Blondie is famous for sharing reviews on luxury cars with her 6.7 million followers, attracting a potential media value of $6,700 per post – $5,600 more than 10th place Colin Furze with $1,100.

In second place is Dima Gordey. With a range of funny videos in which he reviews, enhances and even gifts vehicles to his viewers, Gordey is a focal point for car content on TikTok with 4.5 million followers. The Russian-born car influencer is estimated to earn around $4,501 for a sponsored post on TikTok.

TJ Hunt completes the top three potential highest-earning car influencers on TikTok. Although his main platform is YouTube, TJ could also benefit from TikTok with his potential earning power being gauged at $3,400 per post–$998 more than James Stradman who ranked in 5th place.

Study Examines Top Automotive Influencers on TikTok | THE SHOP

Click here for the full results of the study.

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