Steeda Keeps Setting Drag Racing Records

Steeda’s 2018 Silver Bullet Drag car might just be a freak of nature.

On Saturday at the NMRA season opener in Bradenton, Florida, the car made a pass for its True Street test hit at full weight-100-percent full factory interior including floor mats-and the team beat its previous best of a 10.98 at 126.35mph with a 10.96 at 126.83mph.

The team originally set the 10.98 just two weeks prior in 78 degree heat, no less.

“After Bradenton, it was time to drive the Silver Bullet back to Valdosta, Georgia as our team is headed back to SGMP this weekend to try and improve that 1/4-mile time,” according to a statement by the company. “With cooler temps expected in South Georgia Friday, we can’t wait to see what it does.

“We had a mission at Steeda, to be the FIRST 2018 into the 10s-no nitrous, no blower, no turbo,” according to the company. “With a carefully selected list of parts and the best suspension parts period, including the Stop the Hop Kit, we got it done.”

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