STARFIRE Rolls Out New Promotion

STARFIRE has begun shipping its new Diesel Monster Anti-Gel and Rescue fuel additive formulas to distributors nationwide. To celebrate the release, Diesel Monster Anti-Gel and Diesel Monster Rescue are being offered with a price guarantee and guaranteed delivery on new orders, according to the company.

STARFIRE will honor initial pricing until February, according to the company.

Diesel Monster Anti-Gel is specially formulated to protect against waxing, gelling and to eliminate water. Providing superior protection in cold weather, with continued use it cleans and lubricates injectors and allows more efficient combustion. This provides increased power and improved fuel efficiency, according to the company.

Diesel Monster Rescue quickly dissolves ice and wax formation in gelled fuel and restores proper fuel flow to engines. It is compatible with all fuel types and will not harm injectors or other components, according to the company.

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