STA-BIL Introduces New TV Commercial to Air During Mecum Auctions

STA-BIL has launched a new TV commercial that will debut on MotorTrend TV during coverage of the Mecum Auctions in Las Vegas on Nov. 9-11, the company announced.

The new commercial was created to educate consumers and highlights how STA-BIL has been trusted from generation to generation to stabilize fuel, reduce gum and varnish buildup and protect engines from harm caused by degraded fuel, the company said.

Developed by the company’s in-house video department, the commercial shows a DIYer adding STA-BIL to the fuel tank of a late model white C8 Corvette.

“In speaking to our customers, we have heard time and again that they first learn about STA-BIL from their dad or grandfather. It was the number one way to protect fuel from degrading 60 years ago as it is today, so there is a nostalgia associated with this product unlike many on the market today,” said STA-BIL Brand Manager, Bob Galuska. “Most people grow up learning how to take care of equipment and their vehicles from their dad or grandad. We tapped into this memory to remind our customers that this product worked great then and is just as effective today. Not only that, but this also has a personal sentiment embedded in the message as well, as the photos show in the commercial are myself and my grandfather who taught me about STA-BIL at a young age.”

Watch the commercial below.

A.J. Hecht

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