ST Suspensions Celebrates 45th Anniversary

The celebration will include several consumer-focused initiatives throughout the year...

ST Suspensions commemorates its 45th anniversary as a manufacturer of high-performance suspension components. Since its inception in 1979, ST Suspensions has remained a driving force in the performance suspension industry, striving for quality, innovation and performance, according to the company.

“Reaching our 45th anniversary is a significant milestone for ST Suspensions, and it is a testament to the dedication of our team and the support of our loyal customers,” said Frank Vasquez, brand manager of ST Suspensions in North America. “We’ve aimed to uphold the core standards of the company from day one, which is to provide enthusiasts with suspension solutions that improve their driving experience. We are proud of our legacy of innovation and the impact our products have had on the aftermarket and enthusiast community.”

ST Suspensions Celebrates 45th Anniversary | THE SHOP

Born in Southern California, ST Suspensions quickly rose to prominence as an aftermarket supplier, paving the way for the performance aftermarket with coil-over suspension systems, anti-sway bars, lowering springs and truck suspension systems.

The company has continuously developed its suspension technology, delivering products for many aftermarket brands and directly to customers that meet the demands of both street and track driving. Acquired by Belltech Suspension in the 1990s and later becoming part of the KW Automotive Group in 2005, ST Suspensions has continued delivering performance and handling products.

Research & development, sales & tech support, as well as sway bar manufacturing are based in Clovis, California. Its state-of-the-art coil-over and adjustable lowering spring production facility is located in Fichtenberg, Germany.

From Larry Chen’s GR86 to Emelia Hartford’s big-block S550 Mustang, and creations of Japanese legends like Keiichi Tsuchiya and Max Orido, ST Suspensions’ products can be found on notable builds worldwide. 

ST Suspensions will be launching several special initiatives throughout the year, including new product releases, commemorative merchandise and engaging events for enthusiasts. The activities aim to honor the company’s heritage while looking forward to the future.

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