Spanesi Sponsors The Women’s Industry Network (WIN)

Spanesi Americas has entered into a sponsorship agreement with The Women’s Industry Network (WIN).

“The Women’s Industry Network is an organization that provides tremendous opportunities for networking and professional growth,” said Timothy W. Morgan, COO and Managing Director of Spanesi Americas. “Women are one of the fastest growing employment segments within the collision repair industry.

“Women are becoming a driving force within the collision repair industry,” Morgan continued. “However, support hasn’t always been available for their professional development. We are excited to support additional opportunities afforded by WIN to the women of this industry.”

“WIN is incredibly grateful for the tremendous support from our sponsors,” said Petra Schroeder, Chairperson of the Women’s Industry Network. “As more companies understand and support WIN’s mission to our industry, the list continues to grow. So, when Tim Morgan, COO and Managing Director of Spanesi Americas Inc. reached out to us wanting to become a (first-time) sponsor for WIN, I was very excited.

“In the course of our conversation, Timothy confirmed Spanesi’s sponsorship at both levels, WIN partner and MIW supporter,” Petra continued. “Timothy even joined WIN as an individual member. We truly appreciate your support which will play a key role in our ability to further deliver on our strategic plans.”

About the Women’s Industry Network (WIN)

WIN is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, developing, and cultivating opportunities to attract women to collision repair while recognizing excellence, promoting leadership, and fostering a network among the women who are shaping the industry. For decades, a small group of pioneers made significant contributions to a highly male dominated industry. Recognizing the critical need for an organization to support and attract more women to the industry, WIN was born in 2006. A decade later WIN membership has reached 500+ members including females and males from all segments of the collision repair industry across the United States and Canada.

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