SPAL Named Official Electric Cooling Fan of Diesel Motorsports

THE SHOPSPAL USA has been named the official electric cooling fan of Diesel Motorsports for the 2020 season, the company announced.

“We are extremely proud to serve as the official electric cooling fan of Diesel Motorsports,” said Thom Balistrieri, director of aftermarket sales for SPAL USA. “Traditionally, diesel applications have been nearly impossible to keep cool using standard electric cooling fans. This partnership between SPAL and Diesel Motorsports highlights the exceptional technology and superior performance of SPAL electric cooling fans and their ability to cool the most extreme vehicles and applications.”

Diesel Motorsports hosts diesel drag racing events and education around the country. Its races include five different competition classes of vehicles and are billed as “family friendly” events for all to enjoy. Diesel Motorsports promotes all insured diesel motorsports associations, clubs and events nationwide. Additional support is offered in areas such as marketing, production, insurance and sanctioning fees through the affiliate program offered.

Founded in 1959, SPAL, an ISO/TS-16949 certified company, designs and manufacturers sealed DC brush and brushless motor electric cooling fans and centrifugal blowers for OEM/Aftermarket automotive, bus, truck, off-highway, construction, powersports, military, marine and the stationary equipment (generator/APU) markets.

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