Smart Eye’s Driver Monitoring Software Included in New Volvo EX90

The comprehensive driver understanding system aims to improve driver safety…

Smart Eye, a leading developer of AI-based driver monitoring technology, has announced that its premium Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software is included in the new Volvo EX90.

Smart Eye’s Driver Monitoring Software Included in New Volvo EX90 | THE SHOP

Smart Eye’s DMS is a key component in the all-electric flagship SUV’s EX90 Driver Understanding System (DUS), which will provide a deeper understanding of the state of the driver to help further enhance traffic safety, officials reported.

“We’re proud to work with Volvo Cars to deliver advanced road safety technology,” said Martin Krantz, CEO and founder of Smart Eye. “As two Swedish companies committed to stellar safety and impeccable design, this collaboration signifies great progress in an initiative that’s been prioritized in Sweden–and globally–for decades: to reduce road fatalities and save lives. The suite of advanced technologies that form the Volvo EX90’s driver understanding system ensure the best performance and accuracy, further enhancing safety.”

Volvo Cars is breaking new ground in active safety by introducing and standardizing a DUS in its new, fully electric EX90, the company stated. It combines the industry’s first dual-camera DUS with a capacitive steering wheel.

Powered by Smart Eye’s advanced AI algorithms that analyze driver eye, face, head and body movements, the system enables a deeper understanding of what’s happening with people inside of a vehicle, and in particular when a driver, for some reason, is not entirely concentrated on the driving task.

This will allow the Volvo EX90 to warn and act when necessary, officials noted, but also to stay out of the way when the driver does not need assistance.

“Smart Eye’s leading DMS software is a key component in our Driver Understanding System, where once more, Volvo Cars’ state-of-the-art research will further help drivers avoid collisions,” said Åsa Haglund, head of Volvo Cars Safety Center. “For decades, Smart Eye has proven its strength in delivering outstanding measurement technology for driver behavior studies. Bringing that competence to bear directly in our products is a natural next step and tightly aligns with Volvo Cars’ commitment to continued innovation for everyone’s safety.”

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