SEMA Releases Pickup Accessorization Report

SEMA Releases Pickup Accessorization Report | THE SHOPSEMA has released its new Pickup Accessorization Report, the organization’s market research arm announced.

The report offers a look at the evolving pickup landscape along with sales forecasts and other data relating to the parts that accessorizers buy and how they buy them, the organization said.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Pickup owners spent $16 billion on specialty parts in 2021.
  • There are more than 29 million late-model (’10 and newer) pickups on the road, and about half of them are modified.
  • 62% of late-model pickup accessorizers buy off-road-focused parts for their trucks.
  • 84% of late-model accessorizers plan to make additional modifications in the near future.
  • 45% of specialty-equipment businesses view battery-electric pickups as an opportunity.

Click here for more information or to download the report.

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