SEMA Manufacturer’s Rep Network Picks 2018 Award Winners

The Manufacturer’s Rep Network, a SEMA council, dished out three big awards to members during the SEMA Show.

STAR Award

The first was the Sales Team Annual Recognition (STAR) award, presented to Rory Connell with Advanced Accessory Concepts (AAC). The STAR Award is given to the most outstanding manufacturer’s sales team, voted upon by the general membership of MRN. Criteria for the award includes:

  • Partners and works professionally with manufacturers’ representatives
  • Participates with representatives in fieldwork, making sales calls as necessary
  • Provides representatives with samples, sales literature and competitive comparisons
  • Provides timely and accurate updates on products
  • Introduces new products and updates products as demand warrants
  • Considers manufacturer representatives and customers comments when developing products and forecasting
  • Regularly reviews goals and targets accounts with manufacturers’ representatives
  • Provides sales figures monthly
  • Participates and supports SEMA by attending events and promoting the organization
  • Pays commission on time.

Hall of Fame Award

The MRN Hall of Fame was designed to honor outstanding persons among manufacturers’ representatives. It is the most prestigious award presented by the council to dedicated individuals who enhanced the stature of, or significantly contributed to the manufacturer’s rep profession or the council’s growth.

Michael Kunzman of Kunzman and Associates was named during the SEMA Show as the latest MRN Hall of Fame inductee.

Criteria for the MRN Hall of Fame award is:

  • The candidate has been involved in the industry for a minimum of 10 years
  • The candidate has made significant contributions toward enhancing professionalism, dignity, and/or general stature and growth of the manufacturer’s Rep industry
  • The candidate has acted with a high degree of integrity within this industry.
  • A contribution to SEMA and MRN should be an important consideration for nomination. However, at its discretion, the MRN select committee, the leadership of the council, may select an individual who has not had a close association with SEMA and/or MRN
  • New members may not necessarily be inducted each year into the MRN Hall of Fame, but be presented and bestowed upon a viable candidate as he/she is nominated and selected.

CARE Award

As THE SHOP previously reported, Nick Gramelspacher was named the Customer Appreciation Recognition Excellence (CARE) award winner by MRN.

The CARE award is presented to an outstanding warehouse distributor, jobber or installer, voted upon by the general membership of MRN. The criteria set forth for the CARE award includes:

  • Values manufacturer’s representatives’ efforts as it relates to their business
  • Asks for feedback from manufacturer representatives as it relates to their business
  • Values Manufacturers Representatives efforts in the field, making sales calls as necessary, and working with their sales people when applicable
  • Considers manufacturer representatives comments when adding new products to inventory. Or bringing a new product line to market
  • Regularly reviews goals and targets with manufacturers’ representatives and the lines that they represent
  • Participates and supports SEMA by attending events and promoting the organization.

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