SEMA Introduces Emissions Certification Program

SEMA has introduced a new program to make it possible for automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers to meet the legal requirement for emissions compliance under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tampering Policy, the organization announced. The program, called SEMA Certified-Emissions (SC-E), gives manufacturers the ability to verify that a product meets the EPA’s “reasonable basis” criteria and is therefore legal for sale in 49 states, the organization said.

“It’s now easier than ever for manufacturers to demonstrate emissions compliance,” said Mike Spagnola, SEMA VP of OEM & Product Development Programs. “SEMA Certified-Emissions is a major accomplishment in accelerating a manufacturer’s ability to get products to market, and it paves the path to obtaining emissions compliance in all 50 states.”

The new SC-E program, operated through the SEMA Garage, is comparable to CARB EO requirements and was developed in response to the EPA’s Tampering Policy, the organization said. SEMA staff will assess manufacturers’ needs and advise as to the most appropriate path forward, whether that includes applying for a CARB EO or SEMA emissions certification. SC-E may help manufacturers get to market about three months before obtaining a CARB EO. SC-E is also ideal for products that may not have a clear path in the CARB EO process (such as Flex-Fuel modifications, HCT equipped intakes and engine packages), SEMA officials said.

“SC-E gives manufacturers much greater options and opportunities,” said Peter Treydte, SEMA Director of Emissions Compliance. “This is a significant milestone in the industry’s ability to provide products to consumers. We look forward to working with members and helping them go to market with SEMA Certified-Emissions products.”

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