SEMA Hall of Fame Comes Calling for Chandler, Crower and Moore

Bob Chandler, Bruce Crower and Marla Moore represent SEMA’s 2019 Hall of Fame class. The three will be recognized during the SEMA Installation & Gala on July 26 at the Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, California.

SEMA provided the following professional bios for Chandler, Crower and Moore:

  • Chandler is the creator and owner of one of the most iconic vehicles to have ever graced the planet: Bigfoot. The Ford F-250 pickup is credited with starting the monster truck craze nearly 45 years ago. Chandler created Bigfoot in 1975 when his personal off-roading passion lead him to a series of truck modifications, including bigger tires, bigger axles and rear steering. At the time, monster trucks didn’t exist, and Bigfoot gained national attention at car shows, making TV appearances and eventually spawning 20 clones that continue to tour the country.
  • Crower‘s story captures the very essence of the automotive specialty equipment market. Growing up in the 1930s, Crower was captivated by cars and speed from an early age. Whether it was the Moto-Scoot he modified at the age of 13, the Harley he got when he was 17, or the ’36 Ford Coupe or ’32 Ford Roadster that followed, Crower was always looking for ways to improve speed. After a brief period in the Air Force, Crower headed to San Diego, California, where hot rodding was flourishing. In 1955 he opened Crower Racing Cams & Equipment Co. and began manufacturing race products. From the mounting of the 671 Blower on his Hudson to the Crower Glide Clutch and wings on Don Garlit’s race car, Crower is credited with advancing the industry’s speed, safety and innovation.
  • Moore is a passionate enthusiast who grew up helping her dad rebuild cars. She’s also among the industry’s most active volunteers and leaders. Moore has chaired countless SEMA councils and committees and spearheaded numerous special projects that helped advance the industry. In 2012, Moore was instrumental in guiding an all-female Mustang build that received national coverage on the CBS Evening News, as well as local news coverage, a feature in Times Square, and an award for Best PR on a Shoestring Budget from PR Daily. Described as a dedicated professional with an engineer’s mind, an artist’s vision, and a heart of gold, Moore continues to advocate for the industry and mentor the younger generation. She currently supports the SEMA Cares Committee, attends the Washington, D.C. Rally and is involved with the SEMA Scholarship Committee.

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