Scan Tool Dives Deeply into Vehicle Data

Voyomotive has released VOYO with Scan Pro, a new feature that provides remote diagnostic capabilities equivalent to professional auto dealership scan tools.

VOYO with Scan Pro can detect hidden problems on vehicles. Integrated into the VOYO Apps for iOS and Android, Scan Pro works in conjunction with the plug-in VOYO controller to read manufacturer Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from all vehicle computers. VOYO also reports a wide range of advanced data related to vehicle operating conditions, driver safety and weather.

Unlike OBD-II controllers that read generic trouble codes and data from a single vehicle on-board computer, VOYO with Scan Pro reads manufacturer trouble codes from all vehicle computers, according to the company. The VOYO App also enables users to clear vehicle trouble codes.

VOYO’s ability to send advanced diagnostic and other telematics information creates new opportunities for service and repair, roadside assistance and insurance market applications, according to Voyomotive. The Voyomotive platform also empowers traditional auto parts manufacturers to create IoT-enabled vehicle components running from their own branded mobility apps and provides supplemental data for AI and driverless car applications.

VOYO is a compact, discrete controller that runs on all cars and light- and medium-duty trucks built since 1996, according to Voyomotive. The new Scan Pro feature works on over 145 million vehicles, including most major car brands manufactured since 2008, including Toyota, GM, Ford, Honda, Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia. Supported vehicles are listed at

“VOYO with Scan Pro empowers vehicle owners in ways the OEMs can’t-or, more accurately won’t,” commented Peter Yorke, CEO of Voyomotive. “To the extent that a modern car can diagnose itself, only a limited amount of information may be made available to the owner, and OEM telematics systems will only send information to an official dealership. VOYO with Scan Pro delivers a comprehensive diagnostic to the vehicle owner, which can be forwarded to an independent service center from within the VOYO App or by using a third-party app with Voyomotive’s App API.”

“In today’s new era of connected, assisted and automated driving, vehicle owners increasingly expect access to data from their vehicles. Service, diagnostic and maintenance data is perhaps the most important information of all to ensure your ride’s performance and reliability,” commented Greg Potter, Executive Manager at the Equipment and Tool Institute. “Remote access to advanced diagnostic data will provide wider choices and new efficiencies to consumers, fleets and independent garages that meet their service needs.”

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