Rockford Fosgate Partners with UTVUnderground

Rockford Fosgate partnered with leading on-line UTV media and promotion giant UTVUnderground.

“You want to know any and everything about the world of UTVs, you go to UTVUnderground,” said Jake Braaten, Rockford’s vice president of product development & engineering.As powersports continues to grow and become an even bigger focus of our business, partnering with UTVUnderground makes for a great match. Its followers are hard core, and they are exactly who we want to get our message and products in front of. We are as passionate about performance audio for the UTV market as its enthusiasts are about their rides.”

UTVUnderground is a fast growing, all-inclusive Unlimited Terrain Vehicle (UTV) site contributed to by both enthusiasts and manufacturers alike.

“Rockford Fosgate and UTVUnderground are the premier brands within our respective markets,” said Joseph DiGiovanni, CEO and founder of UTV Underground. “At UTVUnderground, we pride ourselves on building relationships and partnering with the best companies, athletes, and brands. Because of that, forming a marketing partnership with Rockford Fosgate was a no brainer.

“The UTV industry as a whole has been in dire need of a reputable and progressive audio company with quality products designed specifically for the fast growing UTV industry,” he added. “I can’t stress enough just how thrilled we are to partner with Rockford Fosgate and we look forward to not only creating some amazing content and further utilizing their products in our premier builds, but also work to push the envelope in future product development as the sport continues to evolve.”

By partnering, Rockford Fosgate gains access to UTVUnderground’s website presence, social media following, onsite activation schedule, and in-house content creation team.

“As excited as I am to build some amazing content and utilize the Rockford Fosgate line of UTV products in my premier builds, I am equally excited to represent the brand personally,” added Joey D. “To put my name and reputation personally behind a brand, means that it stands for everything I feel is important. Quality products, solid customer support, industry and event involvement, and an innovative mindset with a relentless commitment to pushing the sport are all things that we both stand for. It’s exactly why I think this partnership will be one we see grow for many years into the future.”

Rockford Fosgate provides a full line of multi-stage kits for off-road vehicles, including Polaris, Yamaha, and Can-Am. All kits are designed to provide high performance audio for the back country and twisted trails while out in the elements. Rockford keeps the installation simple, according to the company, by offering incredibly efficient plug-and-play kits designed to fit factory locations perfectly by utilizing precise 3D scanning so there is no loss of storage or cabin space.

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