UPDATED: Road Armor Changes Sales Process

Road Armor CEO Mark Hanson

This article has been updated to reflect that all Road Armor sales will go through Meyer Distributing, Keystone, Turn 14 Distribution, regional distributors, and directly to a jobber.

Road Armor has updated its sales, rebate and distribution process to pass all consumer sales, rebates and promotions to jobbers, Road Armor CEO Mark Hanson announced.

“Road Armor has been a company I have personally built over the last 20 years. With that has come 20 years of hard work, blessings, and partnerships with dealers and places of distribution. Every year we look at the market to see where we are at,” said Hanson in a statement announcing the decision. “In 2020, just like everyone else, we had a significant hurdle when the pandemic hit us. Due to this pandemic, I had to make a tough decision to change our sales process. Now that the pandemic, for the most part, is over, I have put out the directive that [no] promotions or rebates can be taken directly by Road Armor, and all sales are pushed to our outside partners.”

“Road Armor will no longer take any consumer sales. All sales will go through our distribution partners via Meyer Distributing, Keystone, Turn 14 Distribution, regional distributors, and directly to a jobber. All promotions and rebates will have to go directly through an official Road Armor dealer. If you have not already done so, make sure to sign up by visiting to make sure you too can be a big part of the Road Armor brand, legacy and history,” said Hanson.

Hanson also added that he will be available to take questions from dealers regarding the changes.

“I want to thank the aftermarket community for all it has done for me, my family and my employees. Every day I get up and look towards the future. And I will tell you now: it looks perfect for all of us,” Hanson said. “If you have any questions, concerns, or opportunities, I am making myself personally available to every dealer in the nation.”

You can contact Hanson via email at [email protected], or by phone at 214-455-8860.

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