Rancho Partners with Jeep Jamboree USA for Adventures Series

Rancho has partnered with Jeep Jamboree USA (JJUSA) for next year to support the new, driver-oriented Jeep Jamboree Adventure Series.

The new JJUSA Adventure Series driven by Rancho will include a new collaborative, educational format that provides a platform to learn special off-road driving skills and techniques while on a custom, designed-in-the-moment overlanding experience. Each event will include a team of JJUSA guides and a Rancho Brand Ambassador. The organization reports that the events will be limited to 10 to 15 Jeeps.

“Jeep Jamboree events are designed with the enthusiast in mind, and this new series-smaller in size for more one on one discussion and including experienced instructors and product representatives-is sure to give the Jeep enthusiast a platform to extend his or her skills,” said Chris Gauss, director of performance brands for Tenneco. “We’re excited to share this experience with these Jeep enthusiasts. It’s truly the heart of the Rancho brand to be part of events like this”

Each event will be less structured than the organization’s Jeep Jamboree weekend series, according to the company. The Jeep enthusiast will be completely self-sufficient, able to camp in or near the vehicle, should be comfortable experimenting on unplanned obstacles, and eager to explore remote locations.

“We’re happy to create a community-first event series for Jeep owners looking to push their comfort levels and gain experience in an overlanding adventure with a small group of trained, knowledgeable Jeep guides and some of the most passionate product representatives in the industry,” said Pearse Umlauf, president and CEO of Jeep Jamboree USA.

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