Ranch Hand Spends $2 Million to Upgrade Manufacturing Operations

Ranch Hand Truck Accessories will invest another $1.25 million in its manufacturing facilities in Shiner, Texas and Beeville, Texas. This brings capital investment for the last 12 months to over $2 million, according to Ranch Hand.

In addition, Ranch Hand has hired more than 50 employees since the beginning of 2018 and is offering aggressive signing bonuses to welders, according to the company.

“We have seen orders for our replacement bumpers, grille guards and running steps increase 50 percent in the past six months,” said Jason Kaspar, CEO of Kaspar Companies, the fifth generation, family-owned holding company which Ranch Hand is a part of. “That sort of demand for our products has led to some challenges for us in terms of lead times. However, we had a record month for shipping in March and will build on that. We are seeing successes in optimizing our business processes. To grow that success requires equipment upgrades and solid people.

“We began our commitment to improving our business processes at the start of last year, pursuing lean manufacturing and acquiring the people to execute on the strategy,” Kaspar continued. “At the end of the year, we moved back-bumper production to what is known as a value stream. Lead times for back bumpers are now less than half of our overall lead times as we eliminated waste from the process. We plan to move all product lines to a similar production method by the end of this year.”

Meanwhile, Ranch Hand is hiring additional staff. For additional information visit

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