RacingJunk Partners with Gearhead Coffee

RacingJunk Partners with Gearhead Coffee | THE has formed a new partnership with Gearhead Coffee, a coffee company owned by and made for auto enthusiasts, the online classifieds website announced.

The partnership will connect the two businesses by cross-marketing to fans, sharing RacingJunk’s race and performance classified platform with Gearhead’s coffee drinkers and expanding awareness of the small business to RacingJunk members and followers, the company said, and kicks off with a giveaway of a Gearhead Coffee prize pack, which includes 12 boxes of “Pistons” (k-cup pods), a Gearhead Toolbox and more.

Based in the Dallas, Texas area, Gearhead Coffee was founded by auto enthusiasts who recognized the need for coffee at large-scale events while needing to fuel their own late nights when racing in the Best in the Desert series, the company said.

“Gearhead Coffee is excited to partner with RacingJunk,” says Jeff Schultz, founder of Gearhead Coffee. “With their prominent global reach in the millions of users per day, aligns with our strategic vision to provide automotive and motorsport enthusiasts around the world with a premium quality coffee.”

“We love working with small businesses that really focus on the auto community,” says Scott Stetz, director of sales and business development. “As a grassroots business ourselves, RacingJunk is thrilled to connect our gearheads with these Gearheads. Racers are known to support their local communities, and this is a great opportunity for them to help fellow fans and racers succeed. Plus, late nights and early mornings mean a definite need for coffee. It’s perfect for auto shops, manufacturers as well as racers and fans.”

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