Racepak to Showcase Cloud Based Data Systems

Racepak is debuting a complete suite of cloud-based data-acquisition products at the Dec. 7-9 PRI show in Indianapolis.

Racepak is expanding the capabilities of their recently released Vantage CL1 cloud based data kit to include track day, autocross, and junior dragster functionality. Vantage CL1 took both the Best Engineered New Product and Best Performance-Racing Product awards at the SEMA show last month, where the karting version of the system was unveiled.

The full suite of Racepak, including four versions, will be rolled out at the PRI Show in the company’s booth, No. 247.

The CL1 data box is now offered from Racepak in two distinct models: Karting/Jr. Dragster and Track Day/Autocross. Karting and Jr. Dragster are designed specifically for single-cylinder-type engines and include an engine temp/RPM cable that obtains a tach signal. The Track Day/Autocross kit is geared specifically for automotive use. Instead of the engine temp/RPM cable from the Karting/Jr. Dragster kit, there’s an OBD2 and/or standard tach signal pickup cable as an option, according to Racepak.

Racepak’s D3 app converts a standard mobile phone into an onboard instrumentation, data logger, and cloud-connected device, all while receiving sensor data via Bluetooth from the vehicle mounted Vantage CL1 data box.

“Using the computing, wireless, and internet-connected capabilities of a cell phone to deliver data both locally and to web-connected remote viewers anytime, anywhere in the world is a major step forward for both the motorsports competitor and for all of Racepak’s future product lines,” said Racepak President Tim Anderson.

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