QA1 Announces Plans for 2021 Cruises

QA1 has announced plans to continue hosting its #goDRIVEit cruises in 2021 after a successful 2020 season, the company said.

The new season will follow the same format as the 2020 set of #goDRIVEit cruises, which brought over 750 vehicles and nearly 1500 people together for drives throughout Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin.

Designed as a way for everybody, no matter their vehicle, to get out of the house and spend the day cruising with family, friends and other enthusiasts, the three cruises each followed a roughly 100-mile loop, giving attendees plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, stop for photos, and just enjoy the ride at their own pace, QA1 said. Each was designed around back roads and avoided major highways as much as possible:

The Get Out and #goDRIVEit Cruise in May took country roads through central Minnesota towards the Minnesota River Valley.

The River Run took place in early August, leading participants towards Red Wing before following the Mississippi River up towards the St. Croix.

The final cruise, the Fall Colors Run in October, took participants through the scenic countryside of Lakeland, Hastings and Cannon Falls.

The page also includes links to a Google Map of each route for those interested to follow.

“We designed the routes to explore areas your GPS normally wouldn’t take you,” says Dave Kass, QA1 marketing manager. “For 2021, we plan to create new routes with the same focus on combining long straightaways with awesome curvy roads, all while exploring the great scenery our area has to offer.”

Vehicles in the 2020 season ran the gamut, from motorcycles to muscle cars to Porsches and Teslas, and even included Street Outlaws stars Tina and David Pierce.

“These cruises are the heart of what we do,” says Kass. “This is our core belief and mission: No matter what you drive, we want you to #goDRIVEit.”

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