Prefix Performance Center Opens at M1 Concourse

Prefix Corp. has officially opened its Prefix Performance Center, located directly within the M1 Concourse property in Pontiac, Michigan, the company announced.

M1 Concourse is an 87-acre property that includes a motorsports community of over 250 private garages along with its own private Motorsports Club, plus a 1.5-mile performance track.

“M1 Concourse is an exciting location with a lot of cool activities taking place,” said Prefix Corporation Vice President, Jhan Dolphin. “Most of the concept vehicle work and other projects we’re involved with at our Rochester Hills corporate headquarters are extremely confidential. Our presence at M1 not only provides us with an opportunity to promote who we are, but also to work directly with the M1 garage owners and those who visit the property.”

Established in 1979 and with nearly 300 employees, Prefix serves the automotive and aviation industries, creating concept vehicles and prototypes, while its paint division applies finishes to a variety of luxury vehicle programs and specialty low-volume projects. The Prefix Entertainment division creates attractions for theme parks, including props for shows and exhibits, as well as models and specialty vehicles for television and film.

The performance automotive services at Prefix are not typically available to the general public, but will be open at the M1 Concourse to M1 garage owners and car enthusiasts who visit the facility, the company said. The three-bay service garage and retail pro shop will handle most regular maintenance, tech-inspections for performance drivers, brake work and wheel and tire changes. More extensive work, like complete engine builds, restorations and dyno-testing will be performed at the Prefix Rochester Hills location.

The retro-style architecture of the new building also includes fuel service to those who visit the M1 property, making available 87, 89, 93, 100, and 110 octane gas from Sunoco Racing Fuels, the company said.

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