Prefix Corp. Adding 100 Jobs

Prefix Corp. Adding 100 Jobs | THE SHOPWhile the Coronavirus outbreak has forced thousands into unemployment, Prefix Corporation, based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, is looking to expand their workforce beginning next week by over 25%, with up to 100 positions being added. The 40-year-old company is in the business of supporting the Automotive, Aviation and Entertainment industries with concept vehicles, prototypes, low volume manufacturing and specialty projects.

One area of growth for the company is in low volume manufacturing and high-end paint programs. “These manufacturing opportunities are attracting people far beyond Michigan that want to join our team,” said Prefix President Eric Zeile. “We are very fortunate to have experienced continued growth through all of this, and now helping a few more people get back to work.”

Prefix will start the hiring process next week with multiple Career Days, beginning June 2nd.

Click here to access Prefix’s job portal.

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