Precision Turbo and Engine Announces Contingency Programs

Precision Turbo and Engine this year is part of NMRANMCA, and PSCA event contingency programs. Participants in select classes in those racing series running with PTE turbochargers and PTE decals are instantly eligible for contingency, according to PTE.

PTE has also rolled out its Trifecta Contingency Program offering extra rewards on top of the standard contingency purse, according to the company.

“Our PTE Trifecta Contingency Decal Program was also created to benefit our radial tire racers that do not participate in the NMRA, NMCA, and PSCA classes,” according to the company. “Not only did we want to offer more to our loyal customers, we also wanted our distributors to benefit from PTE’s involvement in these programs as well.”

To qualify for the Trifecta Contingency Program, drivers must:

  • Run with two PTE Trifecta Contingency Decals (one of each on the front fenders, rear quarter panel, or in front of the front tires.)
  • Run the decals from the first round of qualifying, throughout the duration of the event, and into the winner’s circle.
  • Must have all three products installed: PTE turbocharger, PTE Wastegate, and PTE Blow Off Valve.

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