Porsche Reveals First Hybrid 911

The 2025 Porsche GTS will use a single electric exhaust gas turbocharger...

Porsche has announced it will offer a hybrid for the first time in the 911. The announcement comes as the brand prepares for an updated version of its 992 generation, which has been in production since 2018.

Porsche Reveals First Hybrid 911 | THE SHOP
Porsche 911 GTS Underpinnings – Photo Courtesy: Porsche Newsroom

The hybrid powertrain will be offered in the Carrera GTS trim level models and features a motorsport-derived electric exhaust gas turbocharger, according to the carmaker. The design utilizes an electric motor between the turbine and compressor to help the turbo build immediate boost pressure and also operates as a generator.

The new design features a single turbo rather than the previous generation’s twin-turbo technology.

The new GTS model will be powered by a new 3.6L high-voltage engine, while the Carrera will continue to use the 3.0L flat-six twin-turbo architecture for 2025. 

To learn more about the 2025 Porsche 911 GTS, click here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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