Planned Keystone Automotive Truck Project Begins its Journey

Keystone Automotive Operations is planning to build a customized 2019 Ram 1500 show vehicle, called the TerraRAM. The TerraRam will be an ultimate overland adventure vehicle fully self-contained for on- and off-road exploring. It will combine rugged good looks with the latest technology and performance improvement products available in the aftermarket.

“We wanted this project to be a collaborative one where we have a chance to showcase the products and brands going into the build along with our customers that will be instrumental in putting the whole thing together,” said Larry Montante, Keystone’s vice president of category management, during the Keystone BIG Show last weekend at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas.

Playing off of the BIG Show theme, “The Ultimate Road Trip”, the TerraRAM will be taken on a year-long odyssey that will feature Keystone customers contributing to the build along the way. “We think it will be a terrific way to build a community around the project and shine a bright light on the suppliers and installers that help make it happen,” Montante said.

Shrouded under a cover on the exhibit hall floor during BIG Show, the TerraRAM drew a lot of attention and questions from attendees and exhibitors, according to Keystone.

“The show is a great platform to create some excitement for the project. We have a clear vision about the features we want to build into the truck and look forward to flushing out the finer details over the next 30 days as we sift through the proposals we received from suppliers that want to be part of the project,” Montante said. “Suffice it to say, the TerraRAM will embody the spirit of travel wherever the road leads.”

Plans for the TerraRAM include featuring the latest in solar and satellite technology to improve off-grid connectivity. Additionally, extensive suspension improvements, exterior and interior upgrades, performance enhancements and a few surprises from Keystone’s RV supplier partners will help make the vehicle a home on the road. The company’s goal is to deliver a comfortable, self-sustained earth traveler that can thrive in the most remote locations and harshest conditions.

The truck will be equipped for boondocking, rock-hopping and interstate travel (but only as a last resort) and have an extensive array of technology and performance products provided by the distributor’s supplier partners, according to Keystone.

“Through TerraRAM we hope to illustrate the value aftermarket products have in helping enthusiasts realize their vision for how they want their vehicles to look and be used,” said Harneet Kaur, director of marketing at Keystone.

The TerraRAM is more than a typical truck build project, according to Kaur.

“While our intention is to create a vehicle capable of far reaching journeys, we also intend to follow the journey that makes it capable,” she said.

By documenting the build and following the vehicle across the country as it goes from stock to the TerraRAM, Keystone officials hope the product and installer profiles they produce and promote on social media and other select media outlets, creates awareness and interest for the sponsors’ products and the vehicle itself.

Keystone has invited the aftermarket industry and enthusiasts everywhere to take part in the TerraRAM’s journey by following the project on Keystone social media channels, and select media outlets.

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