Pittsenbarger to Host New ‘Horsepower Wars’ Show

Dennis PittsenbargerPower Automedia has named Dennis Pittsenbarger as the leading host of its new automotive show Horsepower Wars.

Pittsenbarger will be joining host Brian Petty as a pair of rabble-rousers on the upcoming Horsepower Wars $10k Drag Racing Shootout and the True Street Dyno Challenge. In addition to being one of the main faces of the show, Pittsenbarger also will be working behind-the-scenes to help develop storylines and to have an active presence on social media.

Pittsenbarger has a great deal of experience working as an on-screen talent for leading TV shows and trade shows, with big names in the industry such as SEMA, Discovery, and Velocity.

“I could not be more excited to be a part of something as I am to be a part of Horsepower Wars,” Pittsenbarger said. “It’s a chance to see real people with real cars put their skills and rides to the test- just pure, real competition. Without a doubt, this will set the internet on fire and I am proud and privileged to be the guy in the center ring with the top hat helping bring the viewer along for one hell of a ride.”

“Dennis is quite the personality,” said James Lawrence, Power Automedia’s CEO. “His energy, excitement and passion for hot rodding are pretty much unmatched. He’s unbridled, full throttle, over the top – and he’s the perfect guy to get in the middle of this hot mess and stoke the fires. We know Horsepower Wars is going to be light the candles on drama with Dennis.”

The first season of Horsepower Wars launches March-April 2018. For more information visit

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