Pit+Paddock Aims to Create Ultimate Vegas Hospitality Viewing Experience

Celebrating the city’s inaugural street race in style…

Pit+Paddock’s latest endeavor brings it to Las Vegas, where it aims to host what the multimedia agency is calling “an unforgettable motorsport viewing experience in a freshly revamped viewing suite.”

Guests will enjoy luxurious accommodations, dining and entertainment right in the center of the racing action.

“The total effort vehemently flexes the agency’s ability to cement strategic partnerships, showcase its accrued industry access and create meaningful opportunities for patrons and guests to network during its multi-day activation,” the company stated in a press release.

Daryl Sampson, vice president of business development and marketing, noted the Las Vegas race experience will help reinforce Pit+Paddock’s focus on delivering unique experiences that marry entertainment and motorsports at the highest level.

“Being at the right place at the right time is important for any marketing agency, and I believe Pit+Paddock has excelled at recognizing these opportunities,” he said. “We’ve found ways to make a big imprint on the industry within a very short time.”

Three years, nearly 100 activations, millions of impressions and one primary goal—redefining how a marketing agency approaches projects—have shaped Pit+Paddock’s taste-making reputation, he added. The agency has used its collective experience in print and digital publications, sales and creative production “to create a valuable intersection between innovative storytelling, industry collaborations and memorable experiences.”

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