Pirelli Develops Tires That Interact with 5G Network

Pirelli has developed a tire that interacts with a 5G network, which enables the tire to transfer information on road conditions.

Pirelli has revealed a new tire that transmits information detected by intelligent tires regarding the road surface via the 5G network. The company presented the ‘World-first 5G enhanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) services’ use case during ‘The 5G Path of Vehicle-to-Everything Communication’ event organized by the 5GAutomotive Association, of which Pirelli is a member.

Pirelli, Ericsson, Audi, Tim, Italdesign and KTH together staged a demonstration that took place on the roof of the Lingotto building showing how a vehicle equipped with the sensor-fitted Pirelli Cyber Tire and connected to the 5G network was able to transmit the risk of aquaplaning detected by the tires to a following car. This was thanks to 5G’s ultra-high band and low latency.

The Pirelli Cyber Tire, equipped with an internal sensor, will, in the future, supply the car with data relative to the tire model, miles clocked, dynamic load and, for the first time, situations of potential danger on road surfaces, from the presence of water to poor grip. This information will enable the car to adapt its control and driving assistance systems, greatly improving the level of safety, comfort and performance. In addition, it will provide the same information to other cars and the infrastructure.

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