Peterson Manufacturing Promotes Within for VP of Engineering

Cory AdamsPeterson Manufacturing has named Cory Adams as vice president of engineering. Peterson Manufacturing is a global leader in vehicle safety lighting technology and related equipment, is pleased to announce that

Adams heads Peterson’s 15-member engineering team consisting of electrical, mechanical, and optics specialists. In addition to managing the department, he helps guide the design and development of all PM catalog items as well as custom OEM products. Adams was also elected the newest member of the Peterson Board of Directors.

“Since joining Peterson, Cory has demonstrated the leadership, solid management and engineering expertise that consistently support the company’s innovation and growth,” said Peterson’s vice president of human resources.

Adams accepted an offer to join Peterson Manufacturing’s engineering team in 2012. His early role dealt primarily with Harley-Davidson motorcycle products. In 2014 Adams was named engineering manager, and rose to director of engineering in 2017, a leadership role he will continue as vice president.

“My experience in actually processing plastic parts and designing the tools that make the parts helped me build a great foundation in understanding the whole dynamic of our company,” Adams said. “We have an excellent engineering team here, we mesh really well. Lots of collaboration and team effort. We’re never hurting for new ideas to bring to the market, and we’re pushing projects out as fast as we can.”

Adams credits Peterson’s family-owned values and willingness to invest in the technology and people needed to be successful.

“We’re always looking for ways to make things better, faster, smarter,” he said, “and our owners are always willing to give us the best tools available.”

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