PerTronix Ignition Products Launches App-Controlled CD Ignition Box

The new Digital HP Mobile app by PerTronix serves as the control center for the company’s new Digital HP Mobile CD Ignition systPerTronix Ignition Products has released the new version of its Digital HP Mobile app. The app for Android & iOS serves as the control center for the company’s new Digital HP Mobile CD Ignition system.

The Digital HP Mobile app connects to the Digital HP Mobile Ignition box via bluetooth wireless technology, giving users complete access to program the many features of the ignition system. The easy-to-use app sets three rev limits, shift light, start retard, spark settings and tachometer preferences, according to the company. Save and load multiple settings for quick change between Street and Strip modes.

The Digital HP Mobile app’s easy-to-read dashboard displays engine tachometer, an active shift light, and system voltage in real time, according to PerTronix Ignition Products. Pre-loaded themes allow users to select the desired look and feel.

The Digital HP Mobile app features one-touch security modes, allowing users to set the ignition system to valet mode with reduced rev limit, or completely secure the vehicle by disabling the ignition all together.

The full list of features for the Digital HP Mobile app include:

  • Adjustable start retard for high compression engines
  • Programable engine over rev limit
  • Programable launch limit
  • Programable burnout limit
  • True multi-spark to red-line
  • Real time digital dashboard display featuring tachometer with rev limit indicator and an integrated shift light
  • Two voltage displays
  • Security Selection Button
  • Burn out & launch limit indicators
  • Multiple Power Settings
  • Adjustable Shift Light Output (with set & save all settings option)
  • Ignition kill switch
  • Valet mode
  • Ignition diagnostics
  • Personalized dashboard themes
  • Updateable firmware

PerTronix Ignition Products has manufactured ignition products for the performance aftermarket-including coils, distributors, ignition wires and ignition boxes-for more than 40 years. For additional information, call 800-827-3758 or visit

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