Permatex Partners with Polimotor to Help Build Engines of the Future

Dec 22, 2017

Permatex has partnered with Polimotor LLC to help develop Polimotor 2, the next generation of polymer engines.

The Polimotor 2 engine was designed with fiber reinforced polymer engine parts that are used in place of some of the traditional metal components, in order to reduce weight. Weight reduction is a critical factor in both race cars and everyday vehicles in order to maximize fuel economy and horsepower.

The Polimotor team uses Permatex Sealants and Gasket Makers exclusively on the Polimotor 2, which is built without the use of any traditional preformed gaskets other than the head gasket. Permatex RTV gasket makers are used to effectively seal and to deliver both leak proof and fail proof performance.

Polimotor is led by Matti Holtzberg, a leading authority on polymer engine technology.