Permatex Debuts Fast Orange Sponge for Oil Spills

Permatex Fast Orange Grime Magnet in actionPermatex has a brand new product designed to absorb oil spills and clean soiled surfaces. The Fast Orange Grime Magnet is an advanced, soap-infused sponge that absorbs oil and other petroleum products from vehicle surfaces, garage floors, shop tools, and hands and arms, according to the company.

The Fast Orange Grime Magnet was specially designed to absorb spilled oil and still be able to clean surfaces of any residual mess. Infused with the powerful cleaning performance of Fast Orange pumice hand cleaner, the Fast Orange Grime Magnet can also be used to clean oil and petroleum products on hands and arms. The Fast Orange Grime Magnet can be used in the garage, shower, or work place. It works with or without water, according to Permatex.

Constructed from renewable, plant-based foam, the Fast Orange Grime Magnet can absorb 14 times its weight in petroleum products, while repelling water. This ensures that oil and grease remain trapped in the sponge and won’t rub back on to surfaces or the user. And since it repels water, Fast Orange Grime Magnet does not collect mildew or mold, meaning it can be used over and over again. Fast Orange Grime Magnet replaces the need for inefficient shop towels, surface cleaning products, and multiple hand and arm soaps, according to the company.

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