Panasonic Automotive, Fisker Collaborate on Audio System

The Fisker Pulse Premium is crafted exclusively for the all-electric Ocean SUV…

Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America and EV carmaker Fisker Inc. have launched the new Fisker Pulse audio system powered by ELS STUDIO 3D, available on the all-new 2023 Fisker Ocean Extreme and Fisker Ocean One.

Panasonic Automotive, Fisker Collaborate on Audio System | THE SHOP
Panasonic ELS STUDIO 3D Fisker Ocean

Specially designed to promote sustainability and high performance, according to the companies, the ELS STUDIO 3D PREMIUM AUDIO system features 15 high-performance speakers and brings Panasonic’s studio quality sound to the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUVs.

“Fisker is pushing the industry forward with a vision focused on sustainability, and Panasonic Automotive is honored to join in building the future of Fisker electric vehicles,” said Andrew Poliak, chief technology officer, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America. “With decades of experience, our audio design team worked closely with Fisker to bring a new approach to speaker placement, creating an emotional audio experience for EVs focused on efficiency and sustainability without sacrificing the authentic studio quality sound and emotional impact that are the foundations of all ELS STUDIO 3D systems.”

Panasonic Automotive has decades of experience and a broad portfolio of technologies supporting the electrified vehicle programs of global vehicle manufacturers, Poliak noted.

Installed along the instrument panel of the Ocean are three 9cm PrecisionDrive carbon fiber coaxial speakers, hidden beneath Fisker’s sustainable interior materials for a clean visual effect without sacrificing audio clarity. Four ultra-slim, lightweight, full-range Highline speakers mounted in the headliner work together with Panasonic Automotive’s proprietary DJX 3D Surround algorithm to create an immersive sound experience throughout the cabin.

Neodymium magnet circuit designs are used to reduce the overall weight of each speaker by 30-60%, and it is estimated that the ELS STUDIO 3D system draws up to 60% less energy than a typical audio system with similar acoustic output, extending the vehicle driving range.

Meanwhile, four 17cm PrecisionDrive carbon fiber woofers provide bass with low distortion and the 20cm SLDD subwoofer creates a powerful, deep bass response that brings the music to life, the company stated.

“The newest iteration of the ELS STUDIO 3D PREMIUM AUDIO is the result of a shared creative vision between Fisker and Panasonic Automotive technical teams,” said Matt DeBord, senior director communications, Fisker Inc. “With Fisker’s unique vehicle build designed with over 100 pounds of recycled and bio-based materials, a super-clean and modern interior, and ELS STUDIO 3D’s sustainable approach to audio engineering, we created a system that maxes out its capabilities and delivers a unique, high-quality sound experience while staying true to our performance and sustainability goals.”

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