Organizers Reveal Engine Performance Expo Details

Organizers Reveal Engine Performance Expo Details | THE SHOPPerformance engine companies Rottler, Total Seal and Race Winning Brands have announced the formation of the Engine Performance Expo, an interactive, free, online educational event. The Engine Performance Expo will be held Jan. 7-9, 2021.

“With the major trade shows being canceled this year due to the COVID-19 situation, we saw an information exchange gap forming,” said Andy Rottler, president of Rottler Mfg. “The performance engine building industry is constantly evolving. From new materials, processes and parts, many new technologies and solutions are developed each year. We recognized the need to facilitate that information exchange in a safe manner that did not require anyone to travel. The result is the Engine Performance Expo, which capitalizes on live stream technology and pre-recorded digital assets to allow participants from around the world to interact and exchange ideas.”

“After SEMA was canceled, our team led by David Bianchi and Ed Kiebler reached out to industry contacts to form a collation of companies to put together a platform that could bridge the information exchange gap created by the absence of the AETC conference and in the event PRI was also canceled,” continued Rottler. “Immediately, AERA, Total Seal, CWT Industries, Straub Technologies and Race Winning Brands said they were on board to help.”

“This is truly a community effort by members of the performance engine building industry to support shops, racers and enthusiasts during these unique times, and the initial response from the industry has been overwhelming. Industry leaders such as Comp Cams and Edelbrock have already joined the group of companies supporting the Engine Performance Expo,” concluded Rottler.

The 3-day event will showcase engine builders, suppliers, machinists and equipment manufacturers, and will include everything from live panel discussions to detailed instructional demonstrations, organizers said.

Featuring engine builders from NASCAR to Diesel Drag Racing and beyond, the Engine Performance Expo will be pre-recorded seminars followed by live Q&A sessions between the viewers and the speakers. Each seminar will be followed by a pre-recorded demonstration on a related topic. That demonstration will also feature a live Q&A session at the end of each demonstration session.

Each day of the event will feature 5 technical seminars and 5 demonstration sessions. All of the content will be available to be viewed on-demand at any time after the event.

The initial list of speakers includes Billy Godbold, Darin Morgan, Ben Strader, Todd English, Keith Jones, Chuck Lynch, Tony Bischoff and Lake Speed, Jr. More details will be announced in the next few weeks as the complete schedule of speakers and demonstrations are confirmed.

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