ORAFOL Americas Receives Environmental Impact Award

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ORAFOL Americas Inc. has received an environmental impact award from recycler Pratt Industries.

ORAFOL is committed to manufacturing products that not only meet the needs of our customers but protect the environment in the process,” ORAFOL stated in a news release. “We acknowledge the importance of sustaining our planet for generations to come and are actively engaged in doing so.

“The Environmental Impact Award recognizes businesses implementing environmentally friendly practices in their day to day operations, according to the company. In 2018, ORAFOL’s use of packaging made from Pratt Industries’ 100-percent recycled paper drastically reduced our carbon footprint.”

In 2018, ORAFOL shipped over 1.5 million products using recycled boxes. The company’s, according to ORAFOL, resulted in:

  • 2,481,300 gallons of water being saved
  • 9,374 trees saved
  • 551 tons of co2 prevented
  • 1,709.340 kilowatt hours of power saved
  • 1,158 cubic yards were diverted from landfill

“The work we do is essential for conserving our natural lands and habitat for wildlife,” said David Lucius, sales representative for Pratt Industries. “Every time we clear land to plant trees we decrease the amount of pristine natural land that we have available. By utilizing 100 percent recycled boxes, we are helping to keep our natural resources in a natural state for generations to come.”

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