Oracle Reveals ‘World’s Angriest Jeep’

To get into the Halloween spirit, Oracle Lighting has revealed the ‘World’s Angriest Jeep,’ outfitted with a custom LED system and custom grill.

Designed to “bring a chill down drivers’ spines,” the company says, the new Oracle Lighting Jeep’s wicked road presence comes courtesy of a complete new custom LED system that makes sure drivers are seen on the spookiest night of the year. At the heart of the Oracle Lighting Jeep is the new Demon Eye ColorShift Projector Illumination system. Four blood-red headlights are complimented with Oracle Lighting’s new Vector Pro-Series Grill.

“For Halloween, using a mix of new and upcoming products, our team designed this really sinister looking Jeep that has this unique, angry scowl that we thought enthusiasts would enjoy,” comments Justin Hartenstein, Oracle Lighting director of product development. “Oracle Lighting wanted to showcase how our products can completely change and enhance the look as well as the personality of a vehicle. Perfect for the scariest night of the year, the Oracle Lighting Jeep is impossible to miss out on the road.”

Oracle Reveals ‘World’s Angriest Jeep’ | THE SHOP

Made for Wrangler and Gladiator models, the Vector Pro-Series Grill is designed with sequentially firing, enhanced Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). Oracle Lighting also equipped the grille with individually adjustable beams to further increase visibility to strike an imposing presence out on the road day or night.

Specializing in custom lighting systems for cars, trucks and motorcycles, Oracle Lighting also installed two sets of matching crimson underbody LED rock lights. The sinister Jeep vibrantly glows on midnight runs with a full set of four illuminated Oracle Lighting LED wheel rings. Installed around the brake rotors, the rings of red-hot light finish off the nightmarish Jeep.

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