ORACLE Lighting Hires National Sales Director

Robert “Bob” SmithORACLE Lighting has hired Robert “Bob” Smith as its new national sales director.

“I joined Oracle Lighting because I see an opportunity for substantial growth,” Smith said. “The company has already proven to be successful through 20 years of prosperity, and my goal is to provide initial guidance in the area of distribution. There are wholesale channels that have not been fully explored as the primary focus has been on product development and quality assurance.”

With years of OEM and aftermarket experience, Smith plans to maximize new and existing opportunities for conscious growth and a modernized customer experience at ORACLE, according to the company.

“The benchmark for selling in the automotive aftermarket has been raised by companies like Amazon,” Smith said. “The customer experience from purchases made through these channels has changed the expectations regarding service and accessibility, and we need to respond in order to stay current.”

“We are excited to welcome Bob to our dedicated ORACLE team, and his leadership of our sales team brings a new perspective to our business,” said Tiffanie Hartenstein, CEO of ORACLE Lighting. “We set ambitious goals for the company this year and for years to come; and coupling his expertise with our focus on innovation, we are certain this partnership will result in higher quality relationships with current and future customers.”

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