Online Tool Identifies Universal Joints by Measurement

GMB, a global auto parts manufacturer, has developed an online tool for identifying Universal Joints by measurement only.

Finding replacement Universal Joints can be difficult, especially on older vehicles or where the installed driveshaft series is not known. GMB’s new online lookup tool makes it possible to identify the right replacement part using simple measurements. No part number or vehicle information is needed to identify a Universal Joint.

“Our new Universal Joint lookup tool is one of the first web tools of its kind,” said Sarah Porter, marketing manager at GMB North America. “Currently, most people are using complex and confusing diagrams and tables in catalogs to identify a Universal Joint and find a replacement part number. Our new online system is simpler and more efficient.”

The new GMB Universal Joint Lookup Tool references thousands of data points to help users identify the right part quickly and easily. First, the user chooses the type of Universal Joint. Then, referencing a simple dimensional diagram, measurements can be entered to either find an exact replacement or the nearest available fit. A GMB part number is provided, as well as a link to the GMB parts catalog.

“GMB has a full selection of Universal Joints, with coverage for over 90 percent of vehicles globally,” Porter said. “In addition to helping people find replacement Universal Joints without a part number, our new Universal Joint lookup tool is also great for vehicle customizers who need to upgrade or swap drivelines and are looking for a specific size.”

Click to check out GMB’s Universal Joint online tool.

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