On-Demand Access to WRAPSTECH Ends Tomorrow

On-Demand Access to WRAPSTECH Ends Tomorrow | THE SHOPWRAPSTECH: The Science of Wraps took place on Sept. 16, but the online event – including the illuminating panel discussion and educational video presentations – is still available on-demand until Wednesday, Sept. 30. Registration is free.

WRAPSTECH explores vinyl applications, wide-format printing, inks, lamination, surface prep, maintenance, tools, and installation to help ensure durable, color-fast solutions for all surfaces and climates.

Get access to expert advice, tips, and how-to’s that will elevate your wraps game, and for those interested in adding wraps to their repertoire, the knowledge base needed to begin exploring this segment of the vehicle enhancement market.

In addition to a number of online educational video presentations, check out the panel discussion packed with great advice, tips and tricks, An A-Z Vinyl Exploration. Panelists include Justin Pate, The Wrap Institute; Charity Jackson, Visual Horizon Custom Signs; John Duever, Vinyl Images and JDINC; Adam Sumner, Wrapix; Mike Zick, Mike Zick Installations Inc.; and Chad Parrish, Graphiti Wraps.

To register, click here, and for general event information, click here.

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